My photography Tips And All my Photography.

Hello everyone before I get into the big part of this I have been very busy and did a bunch of reading plus put my own tips in there! This article is a collection of tips from essay’s and articles I have read so I hope you enjoy if you do then comment !

All Are Welcome!

Hey There Bloggers, In my First Blog I did not feel like I truly got to introduce Myself. My Name is Heather and I am A graduate of 2016 and I love Photography Its like capturing a moment in time,that Can be Turned Into so many things like art or a Topic of discussion.

My Hearty Chili Recipe

PrepTime:5 Cooktime:30 Total:35 You Can Make this With Chicken and Turkey – just add Corn And Use Tortola Chips instead of crackers! What You Will Need 2 Lb. ground beef 1 yellow onion 1 small clove of garlic 2 cups of medium cheese Shredded (topping) chill powder of your choice chill beans 1 1/2 cupsContinue reading “My Hearty Chili Recipe”