My conservation project

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This is a little something different for my everybody is used to on my website but I wanted to inform everybody how and what I do in the summer to help conserve inter
If you don’t know by now I am a farmer and I have a huge Garden in the summer and chickens

and recycling everything that I absolutely can for instance I will take my cardboard peels of fruits and vegetables mix them together and work those into the soil to recycle I also do a three-stage process when I plant if anyone is actually interested in hearing about that please either like the blog or comment down below or use the star rating at the bottom of this article now enough about me here is how I do my part

I’ve been actively running this conservation project for the past two years this year will be my third I am a proud planter of milkweed if you don’t know milkweed actually grows naturally but people don’t like it in their yard because it’s not very pretty but it’s very beneficial it’s the main source of what butterflies eat besides their other diet which consists of tree sap and other organic matter I also plant crabgrass which the ladybugs absolutely love and they devour it!

I also never use any chemical on my Garden because you never know what be your butterfly could be going back to the hive and the chemicals hinder and hurt the process

So that’s how I do my little part to save the butterflies the ladybugs and not waste anything recycle recycle recycle thank you for reading I hope you enjoyed until next time

And if you ever want to donate just click the button below you would help by supplies seeds Citrus and peppermint extract when it is the only thing I use to deter Beatles and grasshoppers


Be amazing !


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One thought on “My conservation project

  1. Awesome article. Very well written. Heather manages to provide concrete information while also adding emotion alongside the facts. This article comes from the heart and she’s doing what she can do to save the butterflies. Great article, great information, great voice, 5/5


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