Time to Decorate

Now is the time….. To drag out the lights,the tree and the decorations,but it is worth it in the long run…..

I love to decorate during the holidays it’s so fun stringing out the tinsle and wrapping it around the tree, putting up the lights ,assorting the ornaments.

My favorite part is hanging the stalkings that have been handcrafted my my grandmother they are so nice…..

I visited my local library and they had their huge Christmas trees up as you can see in the photographs and that inspired us to make our Christmas tree looks just as beautiful. I noticed on the big Christmas trees that they don’t have hardly any tensile lots of big ornaments and bright lights they’re very pretty though

When we take the tree out the first thing we do is, separate every single needle pointing straight out and if the top all the needles face down just like a real tree next we put on the tensile all the way up the tree sometimes we do two strands.Next comes the lights Oh the Pretty Lights and then the decorations the ornaments the star the extra fizzle of the top and the tree skirt then we decorate all around the house.

Prompt:What is your Christmas Tree tradition? Let me know in the comments below.

Not sure how to awnswer?

(Key) Write down a sentence reflecting on the prompt Above. Anything is acceptable

Mine Is we watch a Christmas vacation

And eat hors d’oeuvres by the fire.

Merry Christmas to you 🎄

And Happy New year 🎉

Until next time be amazing

Published by Heather

I am a Blogger Who loves to Share my Experience with the world! I love cooking,Photography,and art I Hope Everyone Enjoys MY content My a new blog is posted every Saturday and Tuesday Hope to see you There!

3 thoughts on “Time to Decorate

  1. How nice that your grandmother handcrafted the ornaments… it makes me think of xmas as a time to appreciate the gifts we inherited (and I don’t mean material things), the memories that were shared. My family was never big into xmas so I personally Don’t celebrate it.. I don’t hang up the tree and only appreciate fairy lights! That I love! I had a real xmas tree once… the smell of pine!! That I loved!


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