My Senior Trip

Even thought This Post is sorta out of season A New Found Friend Of Mine”peaches” (Her Blog) Gave me some inspiration on blogging about my Class Trip!

In May my senior class had won a Trip we all elected to go to Worlds of fun I was so excised for many reasons,one because it had been a few months since I had gone out-of-state so it was going to be refreshing to see What was New. And for the most part it was because I had not been in so long!.

Here comes the day I have been waiting for departure. 6:30 am We gather at the front of the school and wait for the buses to arrive meanwhile we have to find a seat buddy. Lucky I have someone picked out weeks ahead.we started chit chatting about our snacks,Before you know it the buses arrive… People pile in we get situated and off we are to Kansas city I had a few things to keep me busy.

We stopped at a gas station on a highway for a quick snack, we continue towards Worlds Of Fun for about an Hour and a half I do not get the window seat. But its fine because there was not hardly any people getting up And down. So We arrive at about 11:00 am all the schools are there as well so it is very busy!

Map in Hand Katie and I Go to the first Ride i see Which happens to Be the Grand Carousel so we enter the gate drop our belongings off and Katie and I Find a spot on the ride and little to my knowledge the music that was playing was live! Automated system that played the instruments. We are waiting for the ride to start and the man who runs the ride tells me that I am not allowed to set my items on the ground the I MUST have them with me?!

At this point I just want the ride to start. It starts and the ride is shorter than 1:00 as we are riding Katie see’s a ride across the way and she really wants to ride it and I am like not way 😬. This ride is going upside-down doing loops and fast to.OH and your backwards. So no-no and no, she convinced me to do it, leaving the grand carousel and going to the next ride the line is Huge almost 50 people in line…..

We waited for and hour! Now There is Only a few people in front of us I am more than ready for this ride I studied how it moved and I assured myself that I was not going to be backwards! Its Katie,me,and two other people so we could fill a car! The guide tells us to put our things in compartments and take a seat and strap in! All-set ready to roll….. What do you know we go up the hill and I go backwards and at that point I start yelling and screaming whhhhooooo I’m off Now….

The people riding with us are like what was that about?! I just blew them off and we went on with the rest of our day I look at the sign and it said Thrill Factor 5… Katie went and rode a few more rides while i Probly looked like and idiot walking around with a mono pod and a camera Vloging the whole thing Seen Here! and then we met at The burger stand in the middle of the Park by this time it is 1:00 p.m we have to leve at 4:00 pm)and Everyone is at the Burger Stand The line was about a 35 Minute wait. I Had Brought my Own Food So i was Kind Enough to wait for her to get her food to eat.  More, Wating Going outside it looks like it is going to rain! So i go inside and Continue to Wait For Katie,it is now Sprinkling .

Kaite Gets Her Chicken Melt Only For 11.00 Now Comes The Fun Part… Where to Sit,the problem was not that we could not choose,but there was no empty seats left WE looked EVERYWHERE in that restaurant And not a seat in the house So i spotted an empty chair and i gave it to kaite This Guy Came up said he was using it first so i gave it back to him…. now looking for a spot to eat it is Full Blown Thunder-storming lightning and all so are looking and looking and nothing there is nothing so I am looking and I find the trash can no one around it no one next to it and Katy says Hey I just what to set my tray down and eat so we get er done

So finally get to eat now since it’s pouring down rain and we don’t want to get wet and I have a camera I noticed a woman cleaning the trash on the other side of the building and I asked her two bags please and she said you know you have to cut holes in them right and I said yeah that’s kind of kind of obvious thank you and went on our way at this point it’s about 3:15 p.m. and we are heading towards the front I want to stop in a little gift shop that has gemstones so we make our way and we head towards the little shop and the manager informs us that the park is stating a mandatory evacuation there are still people on rides their stuff people eating and now everyone has to move to the front.

I want to get my shopping done so we get to the checkout and I realize that there’s water coming into the small shop it’s now raining so much that it’s starting to flood everything so that made things even more chaotic plus we didn’t know where to go as you can see in the video there was nobody outside it went from all of these people to no one so we didn’t know where to go. we called ourselves the trash bag Duo now we get to the main entrance of the park( when we first arrived a man asked if we wanted our photo taken and of course we had it taken and when we got to the very front I gave him the card that I was handed and he instructed me $39.95 ma’am and I am like no

I get my camera out to go take a photo of the photo and he starts shutting everything down and tell him that’s illegal you can’t do that so is like no big deal)now we have to find our bus there’s about buses the small parking lot but I know what my bus looks like the ride home takes about two and a half hours and I slept it was about 7:45 p.m. before we got back to school and boy did I have a good time but I don’t think I’ll ever ride one of those loopdeeloop coasters again thank you for reading in.

Thank You Peaches for inspiring me to write more diverse blogs check out her page here recipes

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