All Are Welcome!

Hey There Bloggers,

In my First Blog I did not feel like I truly got to introduce Myself. My Name is Heather and I am A graduate of 2016 and I love Photography Its like capturing a moment in time,that Can be Turned Into so many things like art or a Topic of discussion.

I like to think i got my Love For Photography From My Grandma she Has Always been A wonderful photographer. She would Spend Her spare Hitting the Road And Captured What Ever Inspired Her. She in-turn Showed me the tricks-of-the-trade.

So instead of taking Acting and Drama I took

11 Photography Classes

3 Shop Classes

During high school Including How to Develop in a dark room!

SO if You Want to look At my Work Click This Link

Also I am A ENTHUSIASTIC Chef~ Posting My Easy Cheap Meals is My Game!

Read About my Easy Hearty Chili Recipe Here

I want Everyone TO Feel Welcome In this Space My Platform On the World Wide Web

No HATE here!


©Theframequeen 2017-18

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