Welcome To The Frame Queen Blog

Why i Went From Blogger to WordPress!

I now have 5 Platforms and they are growing faster than ever! so with my blogger site with over 300 views!
Because it Reaches More people and i always want everyone who can to find my Content So tune in Weekends for the weekly blog

Welcome to my blog!!!

I love photography I consider myself a freelance photographer.
I have had over 3 years total of photography classes including classic Photography with film and a dark room,leaned how to develop in a dark room and digital media photography.
Recently I have found Instagram and I love it!
What a wonderful way to show the world my work!
You can follow me on Instagram:@Hphotography98
My Instagram Page
Youtube:house of nature
Or google me-theframequeen
I will be posting my weekly blog on weekends
But today is just to introduce who I am and what I do.
Until next time

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