Poetry And lyrics



This photo moved me to do some more poerty! ---- "Clouds in the sky they are made out of love, Nature is the artist magnificent; Everything there, isn't heavy and above, And made rather fluffy in the distant. I guess everybody has a dream cloud"

Christmas Day

Oh the tree as beautiful as could be The smell of pine is Devine Decorations,lights it's all right Oh the tree in the center of the holiday Helping remind of good times And what the season brings Here those bells ring See people sing Oh that Christmas tree And what it means to me!

A Poem For The Season

Word of the King's arrival Soon spread very fast, The Angels told Shepherds That a Savior was born at last. (JLM) A bright star lit the heavens, To light the magi's way, To the baby in the manger Who was born on Christmas day. "Away in a Manger" (singers can be dressed as the three … Continue reading A Poem For The Season

Hobo Dinner

This Is a Quick and Easy Meal With Super Easy Steps Inspired Partly by My mom Who is The Queen of Cheep Good Meals! So lets Dig In! Prep-Time:15 Minutes Ingredients: Beef About 1 1/2 Lbs (3 Chicken Cutlets Sliced) 1 Whole onion Sliced 4 Carrots 2 Large Russet Potatoes (Sliced) Steps Season Beef Or … Continue reading Hobo Dinner

My photography Tips And All my Photography.

Hello everyone before I get into the big part of this I have been very busy and did a bunch of reading plus put my own tips in there! This article is a collection of tips from essay's and articles I have read so I hope you enjoy if you do then comment ! And … Continue reading My photography Tips And All my Photography.

All Are Welcome!

Hey There Bloggers, In my First Blog I did not feel like I truly got to introduce Myself. My Name is Heather and I am A graduate of 2016 and I love Photography Its like capturing a moment in time,that Can be Turned Into so many things like art or a Topic of discussion. I … Continue reading All Are Welcome!

Photography Update And a Season greeting 🍂

WELCOME What a wonderful time it is right now with the seasons changing it's a perfect time to release my fall edition to my photography website you can view my diverse gallery here even if you just click on the link comment on this blog what you think I love feedback it's the only way … Continue reading Photography Update And a Season greeting 🍂

My Hearty Chili Recipe

PrepTime:5 Cooktime:30 Total:35 You Can Make this With Chicken and Turkey - just add Corn And Use Tortola Chips instead of crackers! What You Will Need 2 Lb. ground beef 1 yellow onion 1 small clove of garlic 2 cups of medium cheese Shredded (topping) chill powder of your choice chill beans 1 1/2 cups … Continue reading My Hearty Chili Recipe

Welcome To The Frame Queen Blog

Why i Went From Blogger to WordPress! I now have 5 Platforms and they are growing faster than ever! so with my blogger site with over 300 views! View it here The Frame Queen blog for my photography Because it Reaches More people and i always want everyone who can to find my Content So … Continue reading Welcome To The Frame Queen Blog